The Probus Club of Blackburn Centralwas established as a men's club on the 15th June, 1989 under the guidance of a number of high level Rotarians in the district. 26 retirees signed up and three more joined later bringing the membership to 29 at 31st January, 1990. Jack Bates (now deceased) was elected President and Peter Anderson was elected Secretary.

The Club struggled for the next two years to increase its membership and at 31st January, 1992 it had slipped back to 26 which was considered to be at a level where it was impractical to continue. At the Annual General Meeting on 12th March, 1992 a motion moved by Jack Mansergh and seconded by Jack Bates that the Club become a combined club (ladies and gentleman). It was recorded in the Minutes of the meeting that a vote on the matter would be taken at the next meeting.

At a Special Meeting on 14th May, 1992 a motion that the Club's Constitution was rescinded and a new Constitution allowing a combined club to be formed was carried unanimously – hence the birth of our combined club. Membership that year grew to 84. Our current membership is 94.

At the General Meeting on 13th January, 1994 it was unanimously agreed that the Club become incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) and adopt the standard Probus Statement of Purposes and Rules as our Constitution. Keith Dick was appointed Public Officer to oversee the process of incorporation.

At the General Meeting on 8th July, 1999 inaugural Life Membership was bestowed on Jack Bates (since deceased) and Life Memberships bestowed on Peter Anderson and Jack Mansergh.(since deceased).

Members at the General Meeting on 14th April, 2005 unanimously agreed that we should become affiliated with the Probus Association of Victoria Inc.

Honorary Membership certificates were presented to Keith and Joan Dick at our General Meeting on 8th September, 2005 in appreciation of their service and dedication to the Club.

Our 20th Birthday meeting on Thursday 11th June 2009 was attended by
Whitehorse City Council Mayor Helen Harris, Probus Association of Victoria President Wal Fordham, Rotary's Stan Harper, Auditor Geoff Hales and Past Member Ken Moncriff. Life Memberships were presented to Joyce Guihenneuc and Kevin Hambrook for Dedicated Service to the Club.

At our 23rd Birthday meeting on 11th June 2012 a Life Membership was awarded to Yvonne Harrington for 15 years service as Hospitality Officer.

June 10th, 2014 was our 25th Birthday meeting a very enjoyable day with a special morning tea. This was followed on Wednesday 18th June 2014 with a celebration luncheon at Natalie's Restaurant, our special guests were Les Barber, President, Probus Association of Victoria and Robert Renshaw, Rotary Chair, District 9810. Robert presented our President Margaret Priestley with a 25th Birthday Certificate.

During years 2015-2017, 6 x Appreciation Certificates were awarded. Glenys and Walter Stone, Marj & Robert Baker, Patricia Costigan & Anne Harris.

December 2017 Marge Craig was bestowed a “Life Membership” award, for her devoted service over many years.

2019 - 30TH BIRTHDAY. Thursday the 6th of June, the Club held its 30TH birthday celebrations at Beau Monde International, Doncaster. Distinguished guests were, Douglas Geekie (PSPL President), Robert Renshaw (Probus/Rotary Chair), Michael Ransom (Whitehorse Cluster Chair) and Bill Bennett (Mayor of Whitehorse). 75 Members and guests were in attendance. Douglas Geekie presented the 30 year Certificate from PSPL to President Glenys Stone. Awards were presented by the distinguished guests to: Joyce Guihenneuc (Excellence) Christine Cornell (Appreciation) Marjorie Cooper (Appreciation). A very special day enjoyed by all.

2020 was a lost year for our Club due to the Covid lockdown.

2021 The Club managed to hold the AGM in March at Beau Monde venue, combining with a luncheon. 10 and 20 year pins were presented to 4 members by Marj Cooper (President). Certificates were also presented to Barbara Miller (Appreciation) and Glenys Stone (Excellence). This year the Club is experiencing many highs and lows due to Covid, however, in July the Club vacated their meeting place in Main Street of many years to the Blackburn RSL also in Blackburn. First meeting was held in July and happily all went well and everyone is settling into the new premises.

The Club closed soon after and re-opened prior to Christmas with a picnic at Ruffy Park Lake, followed in December by a Christmas meeting. Outings and club activities commenced again as people became more confident in gathering. January, a luncheon at Mountain View Hotel was a successful outing. A presentation was awarded to Glenys Stone for her contribution in bringing the history book and president book up to date in a more professional way. Also a presentation to Wayne Stone for collating a website format and Glenys for her assistance. An Achievement Award was presented to Ivan Greeves, a member for 27 years. This was done personally to Ivan at his care facility, by President Marj Cooper and Editor Trish Skinner.

2021 was another difficult year with many resignations for various reasons, however, the committee worked well together to ensure our members were contacted regularly to show the club's interest in caring for all members.

2022 The New Committee was formed in March 2022 and introduced by the Club's returning officer, Wally Stone. Badges were presented by President, Marj Cooper. The Club enjoyed a very active and successful year, with Trips and Tours organizing outings/trips and lunches on a monthly basis. Theatre & Entertainment venues were most enjoyable throughout the year, along with all the sub-committee monthly activities – Breakfast Group, Coffee & Cake, Book Club, Walking Group and Rummy Club. Socially it was a very busy and enjoyable year in friendship. Speaker Convenor Bob Milne once again provided the Club with excellent speakers each month, these were of great interest to all members. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Lorraine Friswell and Gwenda Lockyer for their contribution to the Club. Life Membership was awarded to Glenys Stone in recognition of outstanding dedication and service to the Club. The excellence award was presented to Marge Craig in appreciation of time spent as a Committee Member over many years and contribution to the Club. 10 year pins were presented to Loma Sargent, Pat Wall and Lorraine Friswell. The annual Christmas function was held once again at Beau Monde, Doncaster with members enjoying a happy start to the festive season.

VALE: The Club lost a very active and supportive LIFE MEMBER - KEVIN HAMBROOK with his passing in July 2022. Kevin gave loyal and outstanding heartfelt contribution to the success of the Club over many years and is sadly missed. 

 2023 The new Committee was formed in March 2023 and introduced by returning officer, Wally Stone. Badges were presented by President Marj Cooper with her thanks to the team for re-instating from 2022. The club had a very active year socially, along with enjoyable and interesting guest speakers at the general meetings. Trips and Tours were arranged to suit our members and enjoyed by all – Yarra Valley harness racing, a 5 day Get Away to Eden, Bus trip to Castlemaine, along with a train trip to Maldon, a visit to the State library and of course our annual club picnic at Ruffy Lake park. In-between, many lunches were arranged and enjoyed in friendship. The sub-Committee did an excellent job continuing with the various activities throughout the year. Coffee & cake, book club, walking group, rummy club and our Saturday breakfast. The Christmas luncheon was held at the Mulgrave Country Club and was well attended, a successful and happy start to the Festive Season for all members. Appreciation Awards were presented by President Marj Cooper, these were to Elaine Castanelli and Andrew Gee, for their outstanding support and loyalty to the Club. 

 VALE: We were sad to lose 4 dear Probus friends during 2023/24. 

 JUNE ANDREWS (10 yrs.) and SHIRLEY INVERNO (16 yrs.) who were both very supportive members. 

 JOYCE GUIHENNEUC (30 yrs.) Served as a Committee member for most of her 30 years, receiving many awards. Joyce was the first member to receive the Excellence Award and finally joined recipients of Life Membership

 BOBBY BAKER (15 YRS) Received an Appreciation Award in recognition for all his loyal contributions to the Club. 


The Committee and Sub-Committee, once again worked well together to ensure that the Club continues successfully, in Friendship.

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