The Probus Club of Blackburn Central was established as a men's club on the 15th June, 1989 under the guidance of a number of high level Rotarians in the district. 26 retirees signed up and three more joined later bringing the membership to 29 at 31st January, 1990. Jack Bates (now deceased) was elected President and Peter Anderson was elected Secretary.

The Club struggled for the next two years to increase its membership and at 31st January, 1992 it had slipped back to 26 which was considered to be at a level where it was impractical to continue. At the Annual General Meeting on 12th March, 1992 a motion moved by Jack Mansergh and seconded by Jack Bates that the Club become a combined club (ladies and gentleman). It was recorded in the Minutes of the meeting that a vote on the matter would be taken at the next meeting.

At a Special Meeting on 14th May, 1992 a motion that the Club's Constitution was rescinded and a new Constitution allowing a combined club to be formed was carried unanimously hence the birth of our combined club. Membership that year grew to 84. Our current membership is 94.

At the General Meeting on 13th January, 1994 it was unanimously agreed that the Club become incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) and adopt the standard Probus Statement of Purposes and Rules as our Constitution. Keith Dick was appointed Public Officer to oversee the process of incorporation.

At the General Meeting on 8th July, 1999 inaugural Life Membership was bestowed on Jack Bates (since deceased) and Life Memberships bestowed on Peter Anderson and Jack Mansergh.

Members at the General Meeting on 14th April, 2005 unanimously agreed that we should become affiliated with the Probus Association of Victoria Inc.

Honorary Membership certificates were presented to Keith and Joan Dick at our General Meeting on 8th September, 2005 in appreciation of their service and dedication to the Club.

Our 20th Birthday meeting on Thursday 11th June 2009 was attended by
Whitehorse City Council Mayor Helen Harris, Probus Association of Victoria President Wal Fordham, Rotary's Stan Harper, Auditor Geoff Hales and Past Member Ken Moncriff. Life Memberships were presented to Joyce Guihenneuc and Kevin Hambrook for Dedicated Service to the Club.

At our 23rd Birthday meeting on 11th June 2012 a Life Membership was awarded to Yvonne Harrington for 15 years service as Hospitality Officer.

June 10th, 2014 was our 25th Birthday meeting a very enjoyable day with
a special morning tea. This was followed on Wednesday 18th June 2014 with a celebration luncheon at Natalie's Restaurant, our special guests were Les Barber, President, Probus Association of Victoria and Robert Renshaw, Rotary Chair, District 9810. Robert presented our President Margaret Priestley with a 25th Birthday Certificate.

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